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Family owned with a small town service attitude.

When you think water, think Complete Water!

Complete Water Inc. on Hwy 57 in Sheboygan County is your reliable source for residential and commercial water treatment and well services. If your water is hard, contaminated, or has a negative taste or odor, Complete Water Inc. has proven treatment solutions to make your water cleaner and healthier.


Your Clean Water Resource

Complete Water in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin is your clean water resource
Complete Water of Waldo, Wisconsin the experts your water system.

The Experts In H20

Complete Water Inc. experts specialize in identifying, containing, and eliminating virtually any water problem. Whether you have rust colored water, stains caused by iron, or anything from low pH to bad taste and odor in your drinking water, you can trust Complete Water Inc. to provide solutions that will clean up your water by eliminating bacteria, removing nitrates, and clearing up discolored water.

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Want to know what you’re drinking? Have questions? Contact us for a free water analysis to test your hardness & iron levels!
We also test for a variety of contaminants, such as, arsenic, bacteria, nitrates, lead, and more. Leave your information here and we’ll get back to you.

Knowledgeable Employees & Trustworthy Advice


Complete Water Inc., formerly known as Shaver Water Conditioning, has been providing solutions to water problems for Hingham, WI and the surrounding area for over 25 years. We are proud of our products and services, and we constantly strive to deliver a satisfying customer experience. Customer service is our top priority.

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Complete Water in Waldo, Wisconsin prides itself on customer service.
Complete Water in Waldo, Wisconsin provides clean, safe water for all your needs.

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