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Iron Filters/Sulfur Filters
Iron Filters/Sulfur Filters

Removing Iron, Sulfur, and Odors

Does your water have a strange taste, rotten egg smell, or leave rust-colored stains around your tubs, faucets, or shower fixtures? These are signs of high iron and sulfur content in your water. High levels of iron and sulfur, aside from the previously mentioned problems, can also damage your laundry and appliances.

Complete Water Inc has a myriad of water treatment solutions for iron and sulfur-infiltrated water. Our iron filters remove iron particles and reduce the number of bacteria, sulfur, and manganese that cause those rust-colored stains and rotten odors. Utilizing a filter is one of the most economical methods of filtering iron and sulfur out of your home’s water. Complete Water Inc. will install a chemical-free treatment system that will ensure rust-free water without the time-consuming high maintenance procedures of adding chemicals.

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Benefits Of An Iron/Sulfur Filter

Remove iron, sulfur, and manganese bacteria

Low maintenance

Septic-safe system

Remove bad tastes and odors

No chemicals

No more scrubbing to remove stains on tubs and fixtures

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